Wednesday, 14 June 2017

It’s perfectly simple… A spokesperson for the British Establishment explains...

(Beep-Beep! Heavy-handed satire alert...)

It’s perfectly simple…

In the unprecedented event of a man with a knife killing people as fast as he can; we simply run away and hide until a policeman comes along to shoot him.

This might take quarter of an hour in the centre of London, ten or twenty times as long elsewhere. And only fit (and lucky) adults can successfully run and hide…

But the knifeman can only kill so-fast those unhidden who are unlucky, unfit, women, children and old people; and the police will, eventually, arrive.

Of course if the killer has a gun and plenty of bullets then a lot more people will be killed while we wait for the police – but that is unfortunately necessary; because it is better than the alternative of people defending themselves.

It’s perfectly simple – the government has a strategy to import extremely large numbers of people including a substantial proportion who will cause violence; and another parallel strategy to make self-defence high-risk and harshly-punishable.

The obvious answer is to have an extremely large number of armed police everywhere, at all times; total surveillance and micro-control of the entire population’s thoughts and actions. Problem solved!

Of course, some anti-diversity, Christian fundamentalist Right-wing white supremacist fascist Nazi literally-Hitler extremists would object to that state of affairs – but the answer to that problem is obvious as well…

I think that covers all the points?…


  1. I've heard Britons mock Americans for the second amendment, little do they know we got it from you, it's one of the original rights of free Englishmen. Only you have forgotten it it seems.

  2. @MD. Not forgotten, just part of the dreamworld