Sunday, 27 November 2016

Who is the real boss of The Left? Wormtongue, Saruman, Sauron, Morgoth

The mass of 'well-meaning' Leftist bureaucrats and propagandists are the Wormtongues - the middle managers of evil; whose ambitions go no higher than bossing minions and henchmen, careerism and sex - plus a bit of petty schadenfreude and sadism. All in the name of a better world...

But Wormtongue works for Saruman; who is like the political leaders of The West - all high rhetoric and ultimate goals, master of persuasion and propaganda masking a  mind of metal and wheels. All 'regrettable sacrifices' and fake nobility. Disguising a desire to become...

Sauron - aspiring demon tyrant-god of this world; seeking the total and willing submission of a planet of servants and slaves; seeking order by total control and terrified worship. But ultimately Sauron too is merely an agent of his god...

Morgoth - the devil. What does he want? What Morgoth wants does not make sense because it is negation and paradox.


Morgoth loathes God the creator and he loathes all of creation; because Morgoth is and was and ever shall be second to Him.

And because God made Morgoth, Morgoth hates himself; he wants to be the creator yet also to marr and subvert all of creation.

Ultimately Morgoth wants to annihilate everything except himself - and then he would be forced to destroy himself, being the last remnant of divine creation.

Only when the universe is wiped-clear of all creation will Morgoth be 'satisfied' - by eliminating all satisfaction.

Morgoth is the ultimate nihilist - he desires to replace everything with nothing.

Thus a system of 'hard-nosed', bottom-line materialism, power and gratification is eventually underpinned by pure negative insanity. 


This is the hierarchy of Leftism - at each level except the final one, there are what appear to be 'constructive' projects, goals and aims. Each level sees the world in terms of its own satisfactions...

Yet eventually all success at lower levels of evil feeds the domination of the level above, and the level above that; and as the project of evil advances, so it becomes ever more the simple and sheer negation of Good.

(This we are beginning to perceive, ever more clearly. Leftism is eventually merely the destruction of all Good.)

The lower levels of evil are self-consumed or destroyed as the project proceeds - the positive goals (Wormtongue's greed, lust, spite - his life) eliminated from the bottom-up - and behind it all Morgoth feeds upon the negative energies, growing larger, stronger...

When will the mass of Wormtongues and his minions and henchmen, the many Sarumans and Sauron above them - realise that their ultimate justification of their vague Utopian goals and uncompromising aspirations for 'justice' is - deep-down - nothing more than the insane, non-sensical, everything-destroying, self-loathing of Morgoth?