Thursday, 3 November 2016

The battle of the conspiracy theorists - Alt Media versus Mass Media - Reality v Matrix?

There is reality and then there are the mass media - but within the Mass Media there is an Alternative Media (Alt Media) that is not very 'mass' but more of a cult kind of thing.

Indeed, these are the 'Conspiracy Theorists' we have heard so much about recently. (And I embrace the title, which should be a badge of honour - given the vileness of the mainstream). Name-calling aside; the key question is whether the Alt Media conspiracy theorists are sometimes correct in their apparently extreme allegations; and the answer is obviously yes.

Small-minority audience the Alt Media may be - but there is a lot of it, in total - and what the Alt Media are writing about today (November 3 2016 - and for the past days, weeks, months...) on the subject of the US election is an entirely different 'reality' from that of the mass media; with no overlap.

These are two utterly distinct world views.

If you want to know what the Mass Media can leave-out, completely - then look at something like or In the Alt Media over the past days and weeks there has been reported the most shocking and disgusting 'story' about Western politics, ever; but in the mainstream mass media - crickets... Not a whisper, not a rumour.

So, who are the real Conspiracy Theorists - one, or the other, or both of them? Certainly the mainstream media are more effective and efficient at what they exclude - so much so that it represents a major datum and challenge to our understanding of ow the world works when - apparently - power is so devolved: by contrast, effective power must, in practise, be centralised.

There are also implications about the degree of coercion necessarily involved in the system - total exclusion, unanimity of memes and spun stories, the sudden 180 degree turn or volte face... all these imply extremely widespread use of corruption, bribery, coercion, intimidation - probably mainly focused on keeping the most powerful people in-line and on-message.  

Perhaps we will never know the reality of the current situation, perhaps we will 'know' by the time you read this - but then what is 'knowing' in a world where reality is what-is-in-the-mass-media; and if it isn't featured and endorsed, then it doesn't exist?

But I have been absolutely astonished (yet again) at the capability of the vast and apparently chaotic Western mass media utterly to exclude what they don't want people even to hear about, and to make them think about something else altogether - despite that very different and far more shocking, attention grabbing, interesting and potentially-important information is freely available to anyone with access to the internet - at the mere click of a mouse.

But media aside; anyone with a core of religious stability, normal experience, common sense and the ability to join dots; already knows more-than-enough about what is going-on in the world (the broad brush picture, not the details; the overall aim and motivations if not the exact policies and scams) to make the right decisions and to live properly.

However, in The West, now - that actually isn't very many people! 

BTW: Addicted to Distraction, my 2014 book on the mass media, is free online: