Thursday, 8 September 2016

Worse than The Matrix - Christian understanding of the real-life covert, reality-manipulating rulers

I watched all three of the Matrix movies a few weeks ago, and enjoyed them overall (although the fights went on much too long!).

I can see why they were taken as emblematic of modern society in terms of depicting the succesful, systemic manipulation of 'reality'.

But I found the basic idea of humans being used by ruling computers as 'batteries' unconvincing, and also not as bad as reality - not least because the computer rulers are not actively evil but merely machines working to a programme.

The real life Matrix - the false, manipulative reality of modernity by The Establishment - is ultimately run by actively evil demonic powers (evil being the subversion, corruption and inversion of Good).  

Their aim for humans is much worse than physical exploitation for energy; their motivations are a mixture of short-term sadistic delight at suffering; and the long-term strategy of inverting the Good in all its aspects - creating a false reality actively embraced; such that humans will eventually choose to believe virtue is sin, sin virtue; beauty is ugly and vice versa; truth is an illusion, actively rejected; and the delusions of the Matrix are the real reality.

In sum, the real-life Matrix conspiracy aims at micro-control of all humans for the harming of humans - not for the benefit of of The Establishment: which situation is far more horrible than the movies.

And the stakes in the real world are much more significant than they are in The Matrix - because in the real world, death is not the end and the stakes are eternal.