Friday, 23 September 2016

Three months on... we have Brexit-In-Name-Only

It is hardly a surprise, but we are now three months after the Brexit vote and nothing has happened - zilch, zip, nada...

Lots has been said - but since all mainstream politicians are liars, then these words mean nothing - zilch, zip, nada...

We have an Anti-Brexit Prime Minister leading a group of Anti-Brexit or sell-out ministers, and all the parliamentary parties and all the British elite are Anti-Brexit... so it is unremarkable that they are working towards some change that is no change; some way that Britain can 'leave' the EU without actually leaving.

('Leaving' the EU but so that the elite corruption  and bribes are intact, and so that the British subsidy of and subordination to the EU remains; and Britain remains securely on its partly driven/ partly suicidal downward-path to spiritual and cultural oblivion.)

So, what next?

If I am correct; then now that the large majority of English realise that the Establishment has no intention of giving them what they voted for; some-thing is about to happen which will, in some way, reveal (to those with eyes to see) that the British Establishment is systematically lying to the British people and has malign intentions towards them.

What this 'thing' will be, I do not know - no doubt it will come from some unexpected and unguarded direction - because we are now dealing with divine intervention, lining-things-up behind the scenes.

But (if I am correct) it will happen and we will know it when it has happened.

And what then? Well, that depends on how people choose after they know...

People will know, they will choose, and they will then have to live-with the consequences of their choice.


  1. What is more likely to happen is nothing. It was too good to be true; the people can't *really* overrule their rulers, and everybody knew it all along. A slim majority of the voters bought a lottery ticket, and they will accept the fact that it was silly of them to expect this one to pay off. It was fun to pretend that it might win, and daydream about buying a yacht, but that was just a daydream. Now it's time to go back to work to pay the mortgage.

    As long as people are still tame enough to vote for change, nobody has any reason to change anything.

  2. @Wilbur - But what happens politically is not the point.

    Brexit might happen quickly and fully, and yet if that was all then Britain would be not the slightest degree better-off as a consequence.

    *Only* if the Brexit vote turns-out to be presaging a spiritual awakening will Brexit be significant - and a change in politics will then follow.

  3. Perhaps people will, on some level choose not to know. Your event happens and it makes people uncomfortable thinking about it and they just change the channel and go back to watching football.

  4. Brexit allows Britain to block immigration by hostile minorities, which would probably kill any spiritual awakening. Hence, its leaders want to negate the Brexit vote, since they are completely opposed to spirituality of any kind...

  5. Brexit is starting to look like a bunch of hostages who voted to walk away from their captors. The "ayes" have it. Now what?

  6. I agree that Brexit is only a tiny part of what needs to happen. Whether a spiritual awakening is possible I just don't know. I'd like to think so. It would of course require a wholesale rejection of all the existing mainstream churches.

  7. @p - The immigrants are (on the whole) far more religious than native Britons (and the immigrants even including some fine, strong Christians from sub-Saharan Africa - who seem more devout than any natives) and there would be a danger (from the Establishment perspective) that they would evangelise the natives - so (given the Establishment hatred of all religion) I assume the intention is that the immigrants will drop their religions in face of the mass media, corrupting doles, laws, education etc.

    @H That is certainly what it looks like, but it also looks like hardly anybody would vote for Brexit, yet they did. I infer that much is hidden.

    @dod - "wholesale rejection of all the existing mainstream churches" - Yes, unless there was a very sudden repentance and reversal from their leadership. But I would expect the mainstream church leaders would be among the most stubborn and persistent Establishment operatives to hold-out against and oppose a spiritual revival.