Monday, 12 September 2016

The point of inflexion and awakening? Now that Hillary Clinton will never be POTUS, are the scales about to fall from tens of millions of US eyes?

My interest in this matter is spiritual, not political; this is not about an election, it is about the potential for mass spiritual awakening triggered by a recognition of the scale and scope of falsehood being perpetrated in official public discourse; and the potential for many, many people very suddenly (and unexpectedly) to make a decision either to stay inside or to move outside The Matrix of dishonesty and delusion.

But this is a critical time in the history of The West. Either we will decide to continue in the present direction to extinction and self-damnation; or to step off the down-escalator and start climbing back upwards. 

Whatever happens in the next few hours or days, and whether or not she gets elected in name; it is now clear that Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States in any functional sense.

My probable inference is, and has been for a while:

1. HRC has moderately-advanced and swiftly-progressing Parkinson's disease - this is a degenerative neurological disorder with many potential effects including inability to initiate movements (Akinesia or freezing), tremor and rigidity/ stiffness; including a high prevalence of dementia of the Lewy Body type (including episodes of delirium with hallucinations and delusions - although the baseline Parkinsonian state is blunted emotions and a mask-like inexpressive face).

An Akinesia/ freezing episode looks like this:

Note how the freeze episode is triggered by the need to step-off a kerb - a classic Parkinsonian symptom of Akinesia - and the subject does not 'stumble' or trip on the kerb, nor did she 'fall' (that is the mass media telling you what you are supposed to see) - but is standing frozen, unable to initiate the movements needed to step-off the kerb, and stiffly resisting moving forwards, having to be dragged bodily and off-balance.

2. She is being treated with L-dopa - but this drug many significant side effects, including dystonic movement disorders; 'manic' types of hyper-emotionality; alternating ('On-Off') with episodes of freezing - i.e. being unable to step forward (see the later parts of the movie 'Awakenings' for these problems.)

3. She is being kept-going (kept moving, essentially) for brief public appearances, probably with Apomorphine injections. The injection is an temporary emergency 'rescue' treatment - to be used when someone freezes (or used in advance to prevent a freeze). The injection of Apomorphine works in about ten minutes but lasts less than an hour - and there are other significant side effects including psychotic features (hallucinations and delusions).

(Note: One of HBC's aides apparently carries an injector pen of the type used for these injections.

4. Pneumonia? Whether or not HBC currently has 'pneumonia' is of little relative importance. It may be just today's lie; but if true, pneumonia is probably due to Parkinsonian (or treatment-triggered) problems swallowing, coughing, choking - and inhaling something which has caused an infection.

Personally, I suspect that pneumonia if real is trivial; since HRC was up and about and smiling for a photo-opportunity within a 1.5 hours of being frozen and helplessly carried away from the 9/11 ceremony. Pneumonia severe enough to cause collapse would take days to improve - but bouncing back in a few hours is consistent with On-Off syndrome of freezing alternating with active Parkinsonism treated with L-dopa; or a temporary boost (just long enough for photos) from an Apomorphine shot.


The election result is the least of the factors at work now. 

What is now known (cannot, indeed, be avoided) is that the US public and the world have been lied-to on an epic scale and for a very long time by the US Establishment in collusion with the Mass Media who have attempted to get-elected someone with a serious, advanced and degenerative neurological disease who is grossly incapable of doing any kind of job.

(At the rate the disease is apparently progressing; within days, weeks or at most months HRC is quite likely to be in a high intensity care facility - and her life expectancy is likely to be less than the first term of office.)

How did this happen? In a world so completely dominated by the secular Left; this was a self-inflected blow. There has been some extraordinary combination of self-deception and probably coercion at work to get to this point: lies piled upon lies; threats piled upon threats...

Whatever - now the Democrats find themselves holding the wolf by the ears: they surely cannot hold on to the lies for two months, but they are terrified of what will happen if they let-go and start to tell the truth... 


But that may not be the whole story. We are always living (know it or not) in a state of supernatural spiritual warfare - God and the angels versus Satan and his demons - and to some extent, it seems likely that this moment has been prepared by the powers of Good - so that there will be a time of choice...

A time when people will be brought to the point of acknowledging - albeit for a moment - the gulf between public discourse and reality; acknowledging that the Establishment is not just incompetent and selfish and short-termist; but has an actively-malign strategic agenda to attack, subvert, corrupt and invert The Good.

Lying on this scale, involving so many leaders, institutions and their minions, and about such a crucial matter is of world-historical significance. The question is whether this significance hits home and gets acknowledged; and having been acknowledged leads to restorative action and the blood, sweat, toil and tears which must ensue; or whether the whole thing is cynically and despairingly swept-away in the torrent of distractions from the propaganda, news and entertainment cycle.


To step outside 'The Matrix' of Media-reality into the clarity of Real-reality is itself merely a first step - beyond that lie further choices of an essentially religious nature.

The ultimate decision is to recognise (or falsely deny) the absolute necessity of religion; and eventually to choose between religions.

But a first step is needed.


Note: This moment is not primarily about those who already opposed Hillary Clinton, but those sincere and serious Democrats who had her candidacy dishonestly foisted-upon them. They will now be brought to recognise that they have been systematically lied-to by a united front of people and institutions whom they trusted and regarded as well-intentioned; treated with extreme disdain, manipulated to serve some covert agenda, exploited cynically for malign ends. These are the kind of people - some at a very high level of status, responsibility, wealth and power - who will now face a crux.