Monday, 25 July 2016

How to respond to the mass media, and the rest of modern life by reflective self-monitoring (discernment of the heart)

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The problem as stated is that we live in a world dominated by an evil conspiracy aiming at the corruption (ultimately, self-damnation) of Mankind.

This is being implemented by multiple mechanisms in public discourse - in essence, on average - the net effect of public discourse is spiritually corrupting.

Given this minute-by-minute onslaught by so many routes and in so many ways - how can we react?

The first step is to develop the self - to establish a better metaphysical framework of assumptions, and develop the habit of working from the true self rather than from one of the multiple false selves we habitually identify-with.

Then we need to inculcate a habit of reflective self-monitoring - because this will tell us what we need to know about 'what is really going on' so that we can maintain our values and avoid-corruption and pursue virtue, truth and beauty.

In essence, the response of our true selves is the guide to what to do. We (simply) need to read-off from our own true-self responses, what we need to do.

The necessary process is therefore introspective and intuitive - it relies on the fact that we have a divine (hence valid) inner guidance system - the difficulty is therefore not one caused by the impossibly vast volume and complexity of corrupting stimuli - but the problem is the much simpler one of failing to read, feel and respond to this guidance system.

This divine inner guidance system is traditionally termed 'the heart' - and the matter of living in accordance with it is sometimes termed 'discernment of the heart'.

The discernment of the heart (if developed) is of immense power - and is always adequate to any situation over a reasonable timescale - however it may be overwhelmed and misled in the immediate short term, plus of course we often fail to live by it (being imperfect and partly-wicked people).

So behind the discernment of the heart we have a fail-safe back-up, which is called repentance. This means that when we err, we merely need to acknowledge what we ought to have done; and the spiritual system is re-set. Any corruption we have accumulated due to error, is instantaneously and permanently deleted by the act of repentance (and the consequent divine forgiveness - the work of Jesus Christ).

If these mechanisms can be located, developed, strengthened - then we are safe from corruption - no matter what is thrown at us by the global conspiracy of purposive evil.