Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How much more than 52% is the true English support for Brexit? What is happening in the unseen depths of Albion?

All the significant factors indicate that the 52% majority cited vote for the UK is a large underestimate of true support for Brexit, because:

1. Voting fraud. Easy-cheat postal voting has been introduced through the UK because it is easy to manipulate counts in marginal seats during general elections. This dishonesty favoured Remain, but relatively modestly overall, because the scale of voting was so vast compared with the local counts of a general election.

2. Intimidation. Leave/ Brexit voters were and are still being intimidated by the monolithic bloc of powerful interests that revile and abuse them 24/ 7 via the mass media, official government 'information', and in the workplace via management propaganda. This strategy works to suppress Brexit voting, which is why Remain did it. Clearly, however, it does not suppress what people really think.

3. Sensationalism - The murder of a Remain MP Jo Cox was hyped and 'spun' as the direct fault of, and definitively characteristic of, the Brexit ideology. There was saturation coverage of this previously unknown person's death - culminating in a national funeral on something like the scale of Winston Churchill's. As Goebbels discovered, this strategy of dishonest association of ideas (Brexit = Murderers) works; which is why Remain did it.

4. England (and Wales) voted most strongly for Brexit because here the issues are clearer. The pro-Remain majorities of Scotland and Northern Ireland are made impossible to interpret by interference from 'independence' issues - they give an ambiguous signal.

5. Older people voted for Brexit - that is people who have lived and functioned in the EU over many years and who have direct personal experience. Young adults, whose Life experience is of school, college and social media - live inside a world where are told, a dozen times an hour - directly and indirectly, that Brexit voters are racists (and that racism is the ultimate human evil). When young English people grow-up and have done something, they will switch to Brexit for the rest of their lives.

6. Non-voters (such as myself) were almost certainly in a majority for Leave - in line with usual voting practises. 

In sum, all the major factors favoured Remain, and caused underestimation of the underlying support for Leave.

The true level of support for Brexit in England is at least a 3:2 majority, maybe even 2:1. 

Massive. Overwhelming. This is what we now know. Nothing more to discuss.


So - what next? Business as usual? Or not?

The Establishment is re-forming the Virtual World pre-Brexit, naturally and inevitably. As expected.

But now the mass of English people know that they are the mass of English people - their minds are not alone. There has been a communication of the real and actual English national consciousness outside of the control of the mass media but in the public realm. Now all those English people who support Brexit but did not - for whatever reason - vote for it, know for sure that they are part of a substantial majority.

This has had an effect - as of course it must. What was subjectively self-perceived as perhaps a minority of one, or just a few, is now known objectively to be a large majority.

And the attitude of the Establishment towards that majority is now much clearer. The Plans of the Establishment for that majority - the future envisaged by The Establishment - is much clearer.

Yet on paper and in terms of organisation nothing has changed. The Brexit vote is spun as 'advisory', not binding - just one 'opinion poll' among many... The virtual world has healed-over, the skin has reformed; and public life is 99.99 percent the same as it was two weeks ago; and the only references to Brexit are still negative.

No ripple disturbs the smooth surface of the pond.


But what is happening in the depths? What is happening in The Spirit of England? - call it Albion.

Two weeks ago it was possible to deny - with evidence, that is lack-of-evidence - that there are depths. Two weeks ago it was pure conjecture to suggest that Albion still existed at all - everything visible was merely the England given us by The Establishment. The world of Politics, Officials, Controllers, Entertainers, Enforcers...

But now we know there are depths, untouched by spin, hype, media and propaganda: objectively Albion survives, and Albion is large, powerful and un-daunted.

But what is actually, specifically happening in those depths is all-but imperceptible, except to the 'senses' of intuition and imagination, which the Establishment deny are real; and either lack genetically or have irrevocably suppressed.


The servants of The Establishment don't believe in Albion - they don't believe in a Spiritual reality to Life: they don't even believe in England!

They think life is economics, laws, the measurable and the traded opinions. For them Albion is a Fairy Story. And of course they are correct - A Fairy Story is precisely what Albion is! Their mistake is to assume that that means it isn't real.

Their Masters - those ultra-elite unhumane architects of ruin - of course know better. They know for sure and certain that the Spiritual dimension is ultimate reality; and all the rest is a distraction. They know for sure that Albion is real, and is stirring; and they are terrified.

(You can, indeed - if you tune-in for a moment, and you should certainly not do any more than that momentary attuning - actually feel their fear.)

So Albion is real, invisible to the senses and to scientific instruments - but the effects have now been observed.

So what is happening in the depths of Albion? What will be the next visible sign?