Thursday, 11 February 2016

Given that we don't understand what will happen - what should we do?

The Problem is by now so wide-spread and pervasive (i.e. almost-everyone is very thoroughly corrupted, and almost nobody is fully clear of this) that normal political solutions (e.g. relying on some power bloc) are sure to fail.

There must be a change of heart among masses of people almost simulaneously – yet the necessary change of heart cannot be forced, and has not happened so far despite many and severe warnings.

The causal mechanisms at work here are only very partly known and poorly understood – which means that many causes are invisible or unacknowledged. In fact, the most important causes are neither known nor understood. The situation is therefore un-predictable.

On the one hand, this unknown-unknowability gives hope if ever people do wish to change, but it will only accelerate the problem and lead to new problems if we continue on the present path.

In the end, therefore, there has been and is a choice – an individual choice, and a choice of individuals – and the consequences follow from that choice.

Because consequences of our choices follow by mechanisms that are poorly understood (or not understood at all) a coherent long-term plan or strategy is impossible –

the only thing we can do-right is to choose-right (because we have no idea what will be the outcome of anything)...

So that is what we should do.