Sunday, 20 December 2015

Why we need a Saviour - the bottom-line meaning of Christmas

This inspiring two minute video shows that it is possible to communicate solid theology simply, briefly and also movingly. It honestly contrasts the essence of life-without - and then life-with, Jesus.

The video fits well with my earlier post today, because it emphasises that the ultimate meaning is ultimate healing - that is, healing overall and in the end.

(Not complete happiness nor freedom from suffering from here and now and onwards: not necessarily, therefore, a measurably and objectively better world in terms of gross well-being.)

Therefore, it is a grossly false emphasis, as many secular people do, to try and evaluate the validity Christianity in worldly terms - in terms of what it does in this world, in this mortal life. No sense can be made of it that way - the whole exercise is self-refuting.

Yes! - the availability of real, complete and immediate forgiveness is an incalculable current Good. But for this to mean more than mere 'psychotherapy' or a 'happy pill', entails that the true perspective simply must be extended to include the eternal world after death - and then it all fits into place.

(This thought experiment must, at least, be entertained if the Christian message can be understood.)

Because it is our knowledge of the eternal, post-mortal future which makes real, meaningful, purposive (and not just wishful thinking or self-delusion) the instant and lasting joy of accepting Christ. 

(Not, of course, that this 135 second video gives all the answers to all questions about Christianity! That is the work of more than a lifetime of endeavour. But a clear, basic, necessary and sufficient understanding.)