Sunday, 13 December 2015

What is behind the Climate Change/ Global Warming/ Carbon Dioxide stuff?

How can one even begin to articulate the sheer grandiose mass delusionality of 'world leaders' debating whether they will 'allow' the global temperature to rise by 1.5 or 2.0 degrees!

The plain fact is that there is zero evidence that anybody can predict future climate - indeed the Climate Scientists have not even tried (instead they have focused 100 percent on 'predicting' past climate changes - and do an appalling job even of that - as is inevitable when they are not truthful, and not even trying to be truthful).

But as for the idea of controlling future climate to within 0.5 degrees Celcius... Well, this beggars belief.

Either they truly are insane, or are stupid to a degree unequalled in history, or they are pursuing an entirely different agenda and merely using global warming talk/ legislation as an excuse for doing something/s else.

I personally think there is a mixture or all these factors - but that the unrelenting, delusional, evidence-resistant focus on this particular topic for more than a generation (in a world where the news headlines change by the hour, and nearly everything goes down the memory hole; and no managers stick to anything for very long but are blown about like weather vanes) means there is a very strong strategic thrust behind the CO2/ climate agenda.

In a nutshell, I infer that the Global Warming insanity is a vital part of the New Leftist agenda (perhaps the major plank in addition to the sexual revolution) - and that Satan must (ultimately) be behind it: because it seems necessary to posit immortal purposive evil as the explanation for how many of the butterfly-minds and woodentop-heads of world politics have all been kept pointed for so long in the same direction; and marshalled in pursuit of policies bespoke-tailored for rationalizing totalitarian self-destruction of The West.