Thursday, 10 December 2015

Preparing the ground for mass Christian revival in The West by the opening of individual hearts

The ground must be prepared before a (hoped for) religious leader can emerge - the mass of black birds that is modern man must be seeking a perch before they can find and roost-upon that bare winter tree which is modern Christianity: such that it suddenly appears to be standing in full leaf!

The main work to be done is in the hearts of Men - many, many Men - a faith grounded in prayer and personal reflection or meditation: an opening of the heart to God.

That opening is an acknowledgement God is real, a personage, loves us as individuals, and will communicate by any and all means possible.

(Recognising that we ourselves are the main barrier to God's communications - blocking and distorting in multiple ways.)

For a Great Awakening we must trust in God's power to find a path into each and every heart that is opened to Him; and nothing else is necessary to begin the process.