Friday, 26 June 2015

The good of Swedenborg - videos by Curtis Childs

I have recently said some rather negative things about Swedenborg - this is misleading and I am (already) feeling guilty about it!

The fact is that I regard Swedenborg as a true Mystical Christian, but I just cannot digest his writings.

On The Other Hand; I very much like the video reflections of a young Swedenborgian chap called Curtis Childs - which have been regularly posted on YouTube over the past year; I especially like some of these One Minute vids:

Childs is a communicator of extraordinary ability and effectiveness - and can be genuinely inspiring.

Clearly, he is a man of his generation in terms of speech style and liberal/ new age-compatible socio-politics; but in these and other videos on the Off The Left Eye site sponsored by the Swedenborg Foundation, he functions a kind of one-man-band of evangelism and engagement with modern disaffected youth which much larger Christian organizations can only regard with awe, wish-for, and perhaps learn-from.

One individual can make a significant difference.