Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The modern Left are Strategic Scavengers of Phase Four Nihilism

Most of the Christian, traditionalist and especially the secular Right wing blogosphere seems to be devoted to analyzing and critiqueing who benefits from whatever happens to be the latest Leftist obsession/policy drive.

This strikes me as at best a pointless waste of time - and an unwitting emulation of the way that Marxists go about their business; and at worst a distraction from what is really going on: which is destruction.


At the point we have now reached - pretty much all of Leftist policy can be summarized as: finding excuses for destruction.

The destruction is primary - and the consciousness-raising, the arguments and debates are just half-hearted, unserious, feeble, 'throw-them-a-bone' excuses for the destruction.

Indeed, lately even the excuses are being dropped, and replaced by using the raw power of the mass media (backed by the police and civil administration) simply to shove into the faces of Christians and traditionalists, whatever happens to be the current destructively-motivated policy.


Somebody benefits from destruction - mostly scavengers of various types; but that is not the point. The point is strategically to destroy marriage, family, traditional morality and social order, beauty and truth.

This is not rhetoric: that really is the point of it - the underlying, primary, strategic point of it (which unifies the disparate multilevel and international activities of secular Leftism).

It is not complex, it does not require analysis, we do not need to know which particular group of scavengers is benefiting from which particular policy - and if or when we do know, we are no further forward. 


The modern Left, which is the modern mass media, mainstream politics, public policy and the leadership of all large and powerful institutions; are simply and merely Strategic Scavengers - they arrange for destruction and then they live-off the consequences of destruction.

They are Strategic in the sense that their only 'policy' is to look ahead a bit, in hope of more-efficiently doing their work of destruction; in hope of of maximizing the quantity of destruction per unit effort over the long term by focusing on the megaton policies like SSM and principles such as Diversity and concepts such as Social Justice and Sexual Freedom.

They are Scavengers in they they intend to live off the consequences of destruction, keep their jobs, advance their careers, get more status and sex and pleasure, and delay suffering.


But all Scavengers who think about it know that their success is only to be the last one standing - and that the more they succeed the shorter will be their triumph.

Still, they do it anyway; because they know no better, and deny that anything better is possible, and are savage in their scorn of those who do know better than themselves.

This is a very advanced form of evil that we are dealing with here - an evil that is cynically self-aware of its own futility; but which self-nourishes on its own cynicism.

In sum, this is Phase Four Nihilism: