Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Communications between my waking and dreaming self - and with angels and the pre-mortal self


It is as if the dreaming self is a different self - a different person; but one whose experiences I can dip-in and sample.

But the dreaming self is operating in a different time speeds - a minute of my time is many minutes, perhaps hours, of his time. relative to my experience, he seems to cram in a lot more.

And his experiences seldom seem to make sense to me or be memorable to me - but this is inevitable given that we operate at different time speeds. I simply cannot observe, take-in or remember all the stuff that happens to him.


So my understanding of a dream is just a sample of what the dreamer experiences - like a set of snapshots of his reality, one taken every few seconds or so... therefore I have to puzzle-out what is going on; and sometimes there are what-look-like abrupt transitions, when my camera has not taken a picture of what actually happened and I can't understand what is going-on.

And my memory of dreams are unreliable, weak and incoherent for the same reason. All I can recall are a few snapshot-like pictures, feelings, events; and my waking self has to reconstruct what happened in the dream from these clues.


Also, there is zero possibility of my waking memory being able to absorb dreams, because the dreams are so fast. My waking memory could not possible take in so much stuff, so rapidly.

It is physically impossible.

So - on the whole - communications between my waking and dreaming self are very partial, and highly subject to misunderstanding - simply due to the physical barriers - the temporal barriers - which separate us.


Probably, much the same applies to my relationship with angels, and with memories of my pre-mortal self.

These relationships are not blocked, the channels are open - but the physical/ temporal mismatch makes communications unreliable, weak and incoherent; very partial, and highly subject to misunderstanding.