Monday, 10 March 2014

Political 'equality' = Legally 'the-same'


UK is (or so I read in the media) actively engaged in process of legally implementing what is intended to be a permanent national delusional psychosis - or rather, massively extending this already-existing state.

I refer to the frenzy of law-changing/ language-changing/ life-changing (i.e. rewriting hundreds of laws going back hundreds of years - all laws about husbands, wives, widows and the like) which follows the implementation of 'same sex marriage (and were the primary and real purpose being advanced by this oxymoronic stalking horse). 

I wonder how long it will take before everyone realizes that there is no such thing as equality - at least when it comes to things that matter to people, like sex and sexuality.


Equal treatment in practice means legally the same.

And yet, all rules for equal treatment are always (in a sense by definition) applied to things that are not the same.

(Because people don't make rules and laws about treating things the same that really are the same. There is no need. We treat water molecules identically.)


So, in this world, in this England - we make more and more rules and laws to force people to treat different things as if they were the same - even though literally everybody knows for sure that they are not the same.

And even though everybody knows, as a true generalization, that in every specific instance of comparison - one is better or more important than the other
And because it is impossible for people to treat different things as if they were exactly the same - then we always (and I mean always) end-up by treating the worse or less important comparator as if it was better or more important (despite that we know, and we know this for sure in our hearts, that this is false and wicked).


A world that is not just insane, but where insanity is compulsory.

And, inevitably, a world of self-loathing.

Satan never hit upon anything half so useful to his cause as equality. Credit where due: Leftism is his magnum opus.