Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Secular 'Right' (alt-right, neo-reactionaries) have painted themelves into a corner...


Three things about the secular Right (which is actually part of the Left) are:

1. They dislike the politically correct Left

2. They dislike Christianity

3. They want to be on the winning side/ they don't want to join-up with 'losers' (too uncool)...


But none of these are desired to the extent of being prepared to give up the luxuries of modernity.

The secular Right still want prosperity, comfort and safety as the primary goods of life - they want modernity above anything else (certainly they want these things more than they want a society run on primarily religious lines: a society aiming at salvation).

Thus they want Leftism; but just a different kind of Leftism from the mainstream: a more realistic Leftism, a more efficient Leftism, a Leftism that actually does promote the maximal hedonic well-being which the politically-correct Left only pretends to advance....


So the secular Right are reduced to getting fun from intellectual analysis, model building, and debate.

Seeking the magic button, the chink in the armour, the vulnerable patch of soft underbelly, the microscopic software vulnerability... that, if precisely exploited, would swiftly and effortlessly yield-up modern society to themselves and their theories.

And these things are indeed fun - I like them myself, being still a boy in many respects - but they are no basis for life.


Meanwhile the world goes on...

Leftism continues to loathe, weaken and kill itself; sooner or later one or other religion will take-over.

And since the secular Right hate, despise and are bored-by Christianity; they will presumably be content to go along-with-whatever non-Christian religion emerges triumphant from the ruins of Leftism.