Sunday, 20 October 2013

Foolishness about the collapse/ non-collapse of The West


There are some really foolish people around. I mean those who look-forward with a positive relish to the collapse of the West sometime soon (timescale years or a few decades - unless we repent) as a time when the Left will get their just punishments.

Such people either have a limited imagination - or maybe they are young, strong, healthy, unmarried and without anybody they care about in the world - and look forward to engaging in some some untrammelled selfish exploitation.

But even more foolish are those who argue that the West will not collapse anytime soon (timescale many decades or centuries to go), and that those who anticipate collapse are engaged in wishful thinking


I find it hard to comprehend the foolishness of any decent person who looks forward to the collapse of Western civilization. While it is inevitable that a self-hating,  self-destroying, anti-religious and pro-nihilistic society that organizes against The Good - will rapidly weaken itself until it begins to fall apart and can be overcome by its enemies; and while the destruction of organized, coercive purposive evil may be necessary; the this-worldly consequences of such a collapse would very probably be horrific beyond anything even the twentieth century witnessed.


So, on present trends, the West will begin to collapse sooner rather than later - indeed the process has already begun but is disguised by the credulousness and ignorance of our media-addicted population who successfully re-label destruction and chaos as creation and progress.

What state the West will collapse-into, I do not know with any specificity, nor does anyone else - because there is no precedent.

And the degree of collapse is not pre-determined - because humans have free will and may repent and do something to combat, rather than aid, collapse. The sooner and more fully this happens, the less-bad the outcome would be (probably).

At present I see no sign whatsoever of societal repentance, indeed the opposite - but it is not ruled-out at any point.


However, the concern about the possibility of imminent collapse beginning to be undeniably obvious on a timescale of years (or days) is perfectly reasonable, sensible, prudent.

Just because the (external and internal) enemies of the West have not yet seriously mounted a take-over, for whatever reason, is no cause for complacency when they are getting-stronger; while The West's understanding, honesty, will power, resolve and courage (and wealth, capability, efficiency) are all getting weaker.