Sunday, 4 August 2013

Immodest dress


Immodest dress is all-but universal in England today. It has been a fact of life since I was a child - but has increased in scope so that it is now near-universal among the married as well as the unmarried, the middle aged and elderly as well as the young.

This exceptionally hot British summer has provided a display arena for grossly immodest dress. It really is hard to exaggerate the strength of this phenomenon.

That hot weather is an excuse not a reason for immodest dress is seen by the fact that among the few significant exceptions to the immodest rule are some recent immigrants, especially among those from some of the hottest countries where they know that the best way to deal with sun and warmth is coverage by large swathes of loose clothing, and not by the minimum legal area of extremely tight fabric.


An added factor this year has been the combination of gross immodesty with the by-now near ubiquity of tattooing, and of an extremity that until recently ago would have been seen only in the seediest kind of circuses and fun fairs or among weird and narcissistic cults.

Another novelty suddenly grown to be normal is those men, of all ages and classes, who will - at every opportunity - blatantly display the consequences of their steroid-amped body building - apparently to intimidate other males, to attract females, and vice versa.


The combination of extreme ubiquitous immodesty with extreme tattooing and chemically-chiseled bodies, demonstrate that we are in new cultural territory - where signals of sexual availability are used aggressively to grab casual attention in public space; then cutaneous self-defacement serves to transfix this attention.

This assault on the senses, the combination of hyper-psuedo-sexualization with graffiti vandalism of the human form, would provoke either catatonic stupor or violent riots in most of the world  - yet in modern secular England it has been normalised into everyday reality on the streets, in the media, in shops and entertainments, almost everywhere... with terrifying swiftness and ease and near-zero opposition.

The pathetic weakness of secular common sense is here shown with graphic reality - common decency has been utterly powerless in the face of a decades long, cumulative orgy of the sexual revolution among successive me-generations.

Only devout religious adherents have, as a group, held their ground.  


Seriously, what can be expected of a populace whose individuals, en masse, present themselves in such a way?

Who eagerly embrace and advertise and boast of every next incremental step in their own public degradation; whose personal existence and form has been self-engineered into a permanent assault on common sense and religious sensibility?

And where this whole process is gloatingly documented and promoted by the mass media, perhaps most especially and most deviously in the highbrow mass media and among the intellectuals. 

What does a society of such persons deserve?


The group exceptions to this proudly-displayed-degeneration are all-but confined to the highly religious, and immigrant communities.

Indeed the contrast between the public presentation of religious immigrants and the mainstream secular Britons is overwhelming obvious; almost a parodic confirmation of the correctness of accusations of gross Western decadence (and a powerful, probably conclusive, refutation of anybody's nationalist, or even patriotic, hopes for regeneration and renewal of the UK culture and politics).

Any slender basis for avoiding the gathering self-destructive mass-suicide of the West is confined to Christian individuals and groups who shun this mainstream culture of attention-seeking-self-defacement.

And this group are a tiny minority, and not powerful, and increasingly despised and persecuted.


Having seen the rapidity and extremity of self-degradation of the past decades,  it would be a brave man who assumed that we have reached rock bottom: presumably the next step is that immodest behaviour in the public arena will move-on from where immodest dress leaves-off...

Best not to think about it: why try to anticipate? Sufficient unto this day are the evils thereof.