Friday, 14 June 2013

The sophomoric Red Pill nonsense


Well isn't it sophomoric?

I gather that in a movie called The Matrix, the protagonist was offered a Red Pill which allowed the perception of tough reality, while the chooser of the Blue Pill lives a life of deluded happiness.

At any rate, the Red Pill has - I notice - become a self-congratulatory trope beloved of self-styled secular realists who want to self-advertise their brand of tough, selfish realism about politics (and sex).

This term - like The Cathedral - seems to be another of those unfortunate obfuscatory memes inadvertently launched by Mencius Moldbug.

So, what is the motivation of those who claim to have swallowed the Red Pill? Apparently, inferentially, it enables more effective understanding, prediction and manipulation of the world with the ultimate goal of increased status, pleasure and power, and avoidance of suffering.

In sum, the Red Pill enables its smug users to outwit pathetic, wishful-thinking, soft-headed, reality shirking dupes - including the mass of Leftists and the minority of Christians - and run the world for their advantage.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot... and for somebody else's advantage as well, according to various theories - those who it is mutually advantageous to help, or the family, or the nation, or race...or when helping someone else increases personal satisfaction.

Yes, well... I would be more impressed by the protestations of realism if the users of this term were more realistic about what actually has been and is successful; rather than wildly theoretical abstract schemes of what might/ would/ could be a successful strategy (if only everybody else would go along with it...)


Note: I wonder what the Red Pill is supposed to contain? Cocaine, perhaps? Most likely anabolic steroids to enhance the effects of body building and provide chemically-fueled machismo rage.