Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The nature of the mass media - a demonic impersonation


The secular Right's location of Leftism in 'The Cathedral' (the term from blogger Mencius Moldbug) - emphasizing the Professoriate of elite universities such as Harvard - is mistaken and over-complex; in reality things are much worse that that!

The source of Leftism is the mass media.

The Educational institutions such as Universities, civil administration, the legal system etc.... these are merely conduits through which the Leftist message flows from its media source.


But the mass media is something im-personal, without head; specifically, it is a demonic force impersonating a human voice (just perceive the tone of voice by which we are addressed - as if emanating from a person, yet there is no identifiable or locatable person behind it).

This makes it so difficult to focus upon the media - indeed it is essentially impossible to do so, which is the secret of the media success. The editors and journalists and anchors and illustrators and the rest are all disposable units - the media is an organized colony with no visible controller - but there is a controller (not wholly in charge, but sufficiently so).


Whose voice is it, then, which emanates from the mass media, who grabs our attention, who engages us, diverts or terrorizes us, pre-organizes our categories of thought?

What is the personality behind the mass media, the purpose that drives it, the motivation which makes the mass media cohere sufficiently such as to become an unprecedented evil extending its micro-tentacles into every corner of life, into every recess of the mind?

Hmm, let's think... who could that possibly be?