Saturday, 1 June 2013

Grasping at straws supposedly indicative of a change in wind direction, versus explicit repentance


A lot of reactionary blogging resembles a grasping at straws supposed to indicate that the wind has just changed, and that the secular Left is not longer triumphant and that things are now moving in a different direction.

I don't believe it; not for a moment.

What these folk are doing is combing the vastness of the mass media for microscopic counter-currents which are found even in the most strongly unidirectional river.

We will know the wind has changed, or the tide has turned, first by explicit repentance for what has been happening, then explicit resolution that the direction must be reversed.

This, when it happens, is not something that will require close attention public affairs - it will hit our society with the force of a cataclysm.