Saturday, 15 June 2013

Graphic sexual slang on secular Right blogs - what does it mean?


Most secular Right blogs make frequent use of graphic sexual slang and analogies - and often they take this to considerable extremes of inventiveness and explicitness.

(The exceptions are among the sR bloggers I like best; such as Steve Sailer, Dennis Mangan and Foseti - who maintain good manners and gentlemanly standards in their posting; although I wish they would censor comments more ruthlessly.)

I presume that they swear and cuss in order to advertise their 'Red Pill' credentials and appear as someone who sees-though hypocrisy and sham, knows all-about sin and corruption, and is unafraid-of the seamy side of life...

But to me it shows that these people are radicals not reactionaries, nihilists not traditionalists, on the side of evil against Good.

It is quite simple: strategic use of sexual slang by a blogger demonstrates that they have not rejected the sexual revolution.

And if you have not rejected the sexual revolution, then you are a progressive at heart, a Leftist; however you may choose to self identify.