Thursday, 21 March 2013

Have the ranks of the high-IQ Outsiders been swelled of late?


I often return to look at this brilliant essay on the high-intelligence 'misfits' or Outsiders by the late Grady M Towers:

And this time of reading I was struck by the realization that Grady's category of ultra-high-IQ psychological walking wounded will have been swollen in recent years (and despite the probable decline in average intelligence) by the socio-political bureaucratic-Leftist trends that select against men, in favour of 'lower skill' 'minorities', and which make mandatory the kind of conformity and sociability that are required for working in large organizations under oppressive ideological surveillance.

All of these trends will exclude those of high intelligence but (more or less) misfit personality who would in the past have found employment in reasonably high status domains but who are now displaced to chronic dependency among the marginal and under- (or un-) employed.

I just state this as a (probable) fact of modern life: that we would expect to find (if we took the trouble to look) that a greater proportion of the most intelligent people (especially men) would be found to inhabit the status of outsiders than has been the case for the past few hundred years.

Naturally, most modern people could not be expected to care two hoots about any misfortune attaching to such a group; but it is noteworthy that genuine ability is never in surplus, and such a profligate exclusion of potenitally valuable talent counts as yet another factor in the self-loathing-based, willed-suicide of the West.