Friday, 29 March 2013

Free will entails a plurality of gods


By which I mean that free will makes each Man into something very much like the God of the philosophers: an unmoved mover, an uncaused cause; and thereby pushes theology in a pluralistic direction, towards a universe filled with little gods (that's us).

Whether God is conceptualized as having gifted free will to each Man and binding Himself not to intervene in its usage; or whether Man 'always' had free will (in a pre-mortal existence) and God cannot affect its usage...

(indeed, from this perspective, God could not ever eliminate the little gods - they are all co-eternal - except that the little gods could almost, but never completely, eliminate themselves)...

Either way, the fact of the matter is that each Man's free will is like a tiny domain of autonomy is an otherwise God-controlled world.

(A hermetically sealed and insulated micro-ecosystem in the vast climate of the universe.)

Which leads (sooner or later) to the bimodal choice of the angels and the first Fall - the recognition of oneself as radically Free, the choice either of pride in being autonomous, followed by will to exert one's autonomy against the greater; or else humility before the greater autonomy and a desire to align with it.