Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A strategy for permanent resistance against superior forces


We are losing.

The tide shows no sign of turning.

Reactionaries in general, and those who aspire to be real Christians in particular, will (for the foreseeable future) have to operate in this context: the world as we find it.

Therefore we must do without optimism - do without the expectation of victory; but we must always be hopeful and we must never give up.


We will need to prepare for a long and patient fight, a defensive war, the kind of resistance which will not yield up an inch of ground without making it as hard for the enemy as possible.

When forced to retreat a few steps, each of us must immediately turn and dig-in to hold the next defensible position as long as possible.


Dogged resistance is much more important than argument.

Silent, unexplained, indomitable resistance is far more to be desired than the fake conflicts of flashy verbal and symbolic posturings of mainstream 'conservatives' and fair-weather 'traditional' Christians; which consists in rhetorical displays of eloquent, lucid, witty argument - inevitably followed by swift surrender and total capitulation (and always somewhat earlier than is necessary).

Dogged resistance every step of the way and without end...


This strategy certainly makes life harder for those who seek to impose evil; it forces them to expend energy they would prefer to use in other tasks, they are dragged-down from the heady intoxications and novelties of the easy victory after easy victory resulting from a successful Blitzkrieg; dogged resistance makes 'reform' boring, thwarts feelings of 'progress', and exacerbates their natural and intrinsic impatience; they lose the expectation of a final and complete victory achievable by one devastating blow.


Since the enemy are secular, worldly, short-termist hedonists with a short attention span - they  loathe the messiness of infantry warfare and aspire that we will all surrender after a single devastating airstrike has shown that our cause is 'hopeless'.

(That is the key: they seek to overwhelm us by making us give up hope, make us surrender and submit, or make us turn and run.)

But we must never give up hope. We must make them root us out, building by building, trench by trench, foxhole by foxhole; in close combat.

(This need for the enemy to engage in hand-to-hand combat may even bring a greater possibility of repentance and reformation. Probably not; but it might.)


We must discard all optimism, we must not expect to see anything resembling a victory in our lives and in this world (at most a temporary stay or cease-fire in which we can recover); but instead live on indestructible hope and in assurance of ultimate victory.

We don't need to say much - just a few battle cries.

We just keep on and on fighting, and make sure they know that we cannot be demoralized, always will keep fighting; inch by inch.


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