Monday, 1 October 2012

The Leftist moral distortion


How could any sane person really suppose that the major problems of the modern Western world are poverty, inequality, racism, bigotry, intolerance, the oppression of women, cruelty or moralistic hypocrisy?

Yet this insanity is what Leftist believe - especially Leftist intellectuals - as evidenced by millions upon millions of media reports, movies, novels, TV programs, school and college teaching, government bureaucracies and the public relations and marketing material of large corporations.

This is the mainstream modern morality.


What is implicitly being demanded here is that there be no trace whatsoever of any of these problems - and for the attainment of this objective no price is too high.

Any or all of the other traditional virtues can and should be sacrified.

Any actual, possible or suspected instance of any of these problems, to any degree (since no degree counts as slight enough to be ignored), is regarded as utterly abhorrent, intolerable and inexcusable; requiring immediate and all-out action to eradicate it.


How did this lunatic situation arise?

One likelihood is that it is an consequence of the need to re-frame perception to ensure that modern secular Leftists are defined as more virtuous than anyone else in human history, than any religious people and than anybody not a Leftist. 

From the mainstream modern moral perspective all historical persons, all religious people and all non-Leftists are evil.


And this is the rationale - indeed the absolute necessity - by which modern secular Leftists rule everything by right.

The modern secualr Left must rule, and rule everything, because everything else is evil; and obviously evil must be suppressed and eventually eradicated, right?

It is the moral basis of totalitarianism.