Monday, 1 October 2012

Intellectuals: people who believe explanation more than observation


Probably, psychiatrists are more extreme in their enthralment to explanation than most intellectuals - yet they are not unusual among intellectuals in being explanation-driven.

Psychiatrists willingly adopt ineffective treatments when there is an 'accepted' explanation of why they work; and ignore effective treatments when the explanation for their operation is unsatisfying in some way.


For example, the SSRI group of drugs is ineffective in the treatment of melancholia/ endogenous depression (although they can be effective in anxiety, 'neurotic' depression, and premature ejaculation).

But these drugs have been uselessly or harmfully given to countless people with melancholia on the basis of a made-up, baseless and incoherent (but nonetheless 'convincing') theory that depression is caused by a deficiency of serotonin - which the drugs are supposedly treating.

Meanwhile Electroconvulsive therapy/ Electroshock is very obviously, rapidly and striking effective in most melancholic patients; yet is often not used or used as a last resort because there is no 'accepted' theory for effectiveness.


Thus a fake and false theory can become accepted almost universally without evidence (indeed in the teeth of evidence), and can lead to massive and international behaviour change; while effective intervention can be thwarted by the lack of consensus among relevant intellectuals.

And the business of getting a theory 'accepted' and of either building or demolishing 'consensus' is one which can be and is managed as a matter of daily routine by Big Pharma.

The process has been authoritatively and meticulously described by David Healy over the past few decades, and brought together in his recent book Pharmageddon.


The process by which psychiatric consensus is manipulated among psychiatrists is a microcosm of the process by which secular Leftist modernity operates among the intellectual elites.

If you read Healy's work, you can see exactly how this has operated in practice and unfolded over several decades over and how remarkably powerful the whole thing is - the Pharmaceutical corporations make increasingly vast amounts of money from psychiatric drugs despite that no major useful classes of drugs have been discovered since the late 1960s (SSRIs) and that some recent pseudo-discoveries have not merely been ineffective, but clearly dangerous and immiserating.


This all shows the extent to which intellectuals, and perhaps humans in general, are controlled by explanations - and the extent to which they can be led to ignore what they can see with their own eyes and experience with their own bodies.

In an era of mass media and mega communications; he who controls the explanations controls the people.