Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tough men in flip flops? Epicene-macho defined


For a few years I have notice a particular style: tough-posing young men, stripped to the waist with well-defined muscles (due to weight training and steroid use) striding around the big city wearing shorts and flip-flops...

(Flip-flops are those rubber sandals held on by a pillar between the big toe and the index toe - Australians call them 'thongs'.)


This fashion was initially affected by upper-middle class young men, primarily sporty or Jock types who play rugby football, do vigorous athletics, or ski/ snowboard or something of that ilk. 

But the posing torsos and thongs now seem to have spread to more working class would-be hard-men.


Tough guys in flip-flops!?

Hard men with drug-sculpted muscles!?



This is epicene-hardness. This is non-macho masculinity.

This is Hollywood/ Comic Book tough-guy.

This is a girl's idea of the a man of action - a mobile, jointed, pussy-footing mannequin.  


What can be hoped-for from such stuffed-shirtless? 

Can a nation be defended against the forces of evil by young men in flip-flops?

To ask is to answer.