Saturday, 11 August 2012

Steve Jobs - a genius? Probably... but what kind of genius?


Having read this thoughtful review of the biography of Steve Jobs

provokes further thought on the nature of genius.


Jobs certainly had the kind of psychology characteristic of a potential genius

and his personal contribution seems clear, so the answer is yes - Jobs was a genius...


And Jobs was a genius of something difficult - the fusion of revived modernist design with user-friendliness, and convenience, and snobbery...

But a genius of something that did not need to be done, and indeed something about which it could be said, it would have been better if it had not been done.

Insofar as Apple Macintosh has done net harm to the world, by its amplification of novelty-seeking distraction to a anti-art form (modernist 'art' being anti-art), then Jobs was an evil genius.

(Apple-mania is a defining trait of the ruling elite, is utterly characteristic of the ruling elite, and amplifies the typical traits of the ruling elite - so the evaluation of Apple is an evaluation of the validity of the ruling elite; its characteristic motivations, beliefs, behaviours and methods.)

But yeah - Jobs was a genius, has all the hallmarks.