Sunday, 19 August 2012

For moderns, authority implies committee


Praise the King of Heaven - or the supreme Soviet of Heaven?


It is astonishing how nearly all modern people automatically and moralistically believe that authority should be, must be, vested in a committee.

They think it right that all important decisions be made by a group of people (preferably voting).

If there is to be a Head of some institution, then they should be the head of a committee, elected by a committee, reporting to a committee ('accountable'), removeable by a committee.

Committees decide pretty much everything and everywhere, therefore - and where they do not, they stand behind and undermine personal authority.


This, naturally, subverts Christianity (I mean real Christianity) - since Christianity is about personal authority.

Yet if modern people were deciding how the universe ought to be run, they would have God as Chair of a committee, with all the tasks of the world done - not by individual angels - but by committees of them appointing project managers.

God would not be praised by choirs of angels, but congratulated by formal vote.


Indeed, moderns would prefer to have a god elected by his creatures.

And, in a sense, that is precisely what they do have: the modern world is dominated by an elected god.

God is a monarch, currently in exile; Satan is 'the people's choice' as democratically-elected dictator.


It will be one of the signs of societal repentance when we recognize that the Eastern Orthodox equation is quite simple and correct:

God is a monarch, ergo man should be ruled by a monarch; there are no committees reported in Heaven, there should be none on Earth.

Authority is personal or it is not authority, but instead its opposite.


(NOTE FOR PEDANTS: Valid Ecumenical councils were choirs, conducted by the Holy Ghost - certainly not committees.)