Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Reason versus repentance (reason is useless)


For much of my life I was a kind of rationalist, using reason, logic, evidence to persuade both in person and in polemical articles.

And the internet is full of such people - in particular the secular Right pins everything on the strategy of reasoned and evidential debate as a way of changing things, of getting good decisions and policies.

Well, it doesn't work - not even a little bit.


There are many many situations of which I have in-depth knowledge and in which I have been involved - where the rational position is crystal clear and unambiguous; the evidence and logic are irrefutable; the argument is won - yet this makes no difference at all.

And I mean zero difference.


Evidence, logic, reason - this just isn't how humans work...

(except for short periods of time among a tiny and self-selected elite in specialized domains).


Certain it is that people do not make sacrifices for the future well being (comfort, peace, safety, security) of their culture and civilization.

(Because if you live for comfort, peace, safety, security - than that is what you live for; and you will not be willing to sacrifice sure and certain, here and now and personal c.p.s.s. for the mere hope of a possible share in future social c.p.s.s.)


We all know that our civilization is destroying itself actively and purposefully; but we should also know that reason is absolutely definitely and for sure not going to stop this from happening - it will not make any difference at all, may well make matters much worse (by raising antibodies against itself).


Only one thing could reverse our suicidal trajectory, and that is repentance: an explicit admission (to ourselves and to others) that we were wrong, wrong, wrong.

Wrong, that is, about (pretty much) everything core - everything fundamental and of the greatest relevance.

A seismic upheaval of repentance would be necessary to reverse the massive inertial decline, the multiple self-inflicted fatal woundings that are afoot.

Short of this, nothing will have any effect.


This is why the secular Right is deluded by its own rationality: it is not a matter of tactics - the secular Right is futile in principle because it misunderstands the wellsprings of human motivation and action.


Only religion could save us - yet of course religion must be embraced because it is true; not because it would (perhaps) save civilization.

(And, of course, to save this culture and civilization the religion would have to be Christian.) 


It is not that a religious revival would necessarily save civilization, of course not!

But that without religious revival civilization certainly will not be saved.

Because without religion, men are not motivated to make the vast necessary sacrifices.

Men of reason and utterly without religion are men without chests, men of straw, sub-men - they cannot sustain or save anything at all - except their own skins, in the short term. Certainly not a nation or a culture.


But will it happen? Will culture, will civilization be saved by repentance and Christian revival?

Here in the UK it certainly does not look like it, not at all: I see neither signs nor glimmers of this.

I see rather a population of psychotic leaders, and psychodramatic self-absorbed masses - united only in relentless hedonism and a desperate, hourly search for self-esteem.


On present trends the UK, England, will lose culture, civilization and Christianity.

England will simply break-down, break-apart, and each fragmentary bit get dominated and filled-up by something else altogether.

But if anything is to be saved, the first step must be Christianity and after that - we shall see...