Friday, 20 April 2012

The ruling Leftist intellectual elite: well-meaning fools, corrupt careerists, clever sillies or evil madmen?


A proper response to the ruling Leftist intellectual elites requires that their nature be properly identified: what kind of people are we dealing with?

My own characterisation has gone through at least four phases.

1. At first I though they were well-meaning fools, who simply needed to be sensibly spoken to, who needed to have the correct information presented to them and properly explained.

2. When they did not respond to rational explanation and good evidence, then I thought they were corrupt careerists; who were pretending to believe nonsense because it benefited their power, status and income. The strategy shifted to demonstrating that what was expedient for themselves in the short-term was going to be disastrous for everybody - including themselves - in the longer term.

3. When they did not seem to believe in the likelihood, or even the possibility, of disaster, then I assumed they were Clever Sillies: abstracting and systematising intellectuals who translated everything into a world of ideals and possibilities, detached from common sense and experience.

4. But Clever Sillies would not be so strategic; would not maintain such an aggressive and long-term (decades, even centuries long) attack on Good things, would not systematically seek-out and try to destroy truth, beauty and virtue.

So I realised, eventually, that the ruling Leftist intellectual elite are evil madmen: that is the nature of the enemy.

Or, at least, it is evil madmen who are behind it all - driving the process across the decades (and centuries).


What difference does it make?

Well consider the dishonest mass media; and the way they cover-up, misrepresent, and invent lies.

Why do they do this?

Well-meaning fools are dishonest because they believe that things will work out better - but when things do not work out better but instead get worse, then they would presumably tell the truth. That hasn't happened.

Corrupt careerists are dishonest because they make more money (etc) by doing so - but the precipitous decline of the mass media (newspapers, TV, news, music, movies etc) shows that the elites will lie even when it leads to the sack or bankruptcy - they will enforce political correctness even if it kills them.

Clever sillies will lie when it is interesting, leads to stimulating novelties, serves to advertise their cleverness - but they would never stick rigidly to the PC script over two or three decades, as our ruling elites have done, if this was a sufficient explanation - sooner or later they would show their cleverness by demolishing political correctness; but they don't.

So, it seems that the Leftist elites must be evil madmen - evil because they display strategic purpose in their destructiveness over a long timescale, mad because they have lost the capacity to notice relevant evidence or to reason: common sense and personal experience have no traction. 

Of course they are not wholly evil, because only partial evil is effective; nor are they wholly mad, because they retain a short-termist shredness and sound-bite logic; but by unilateral and tactical pursuit of partial goods without regard to consequences, they can accomplish more than enough evil to be getting on with...