Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How should Reactionaries regard Conservatives? As seekers


There is a sense in which mainstream Conservatives are one of the worst enemies of Reaction.

This happens because - when effective - Conservatives make partial corrections that temporarily improve the situation without curing the underlying trend.

Effective Conservatives defer collapse but do not prevent it - and the longer collapse is deferred, the worse collapse will be when it eventually comes.


Yet of course Conservatives are much closer to Reactionaries than are out-and-out Leftists: Conservatives are more-nearly right/ Right.


What happens in modern socio-political life is that nuanced/ reasonable/ sensible/ moderate Conservative positions are continually being absorbed into Leftism/ Liberalism/ Political Correctness by default as the political 'centre' is moved ever Leftward...

Except in those exceptional instances when a Conservative perceives this assimilation as it begins to happen, takes a deep breath, makes a stand - then quantum-jumps into extreme, beyond the pale, Reactionary views.


This entails an inner rejection of modernity that is weird and indeed hypocritical; since nobody can live by it.

To the Conservative, the Reactionary is either crazy, or insincere - either way the Reactionary is seen not to be living by his beliefs, Reactionary beliefs are seen as inapplicable to 'real life'.

Yet this is the spiritual destination of Conservatism - pushed to the point of decision.

It is likely that few will make that inner decision, the quantum-leap, that road less taken: since all worldly considerations are against it.


But until a decision has already been made to take the broad path of the pragmatic mainstream; then the mass of Christian Conservatives should probably be regarded as 'friends of Reaction'; not for what they are but for what they might become.

Conservatives should perhaps be seen as 'spiritual seekers' on a path which may lead to Reaction, but as individuals who have not yet arrived at the fork in the way.