Monday, 14 November 2011

Acknowledgement of reality - what would it take?


I said in yesterday's post: "modern Evil is characterized and made distinctive by an historically vast and pervasive expansion of The World - of Negligence."

This is why mainstream public discourse can be insane (not why modern society is insane - that is down to secular Leftism - but why or how it is that the insanity is not self-correcting).


What would it take to restore a sense of reality to mainstream public discourse? - the conviction that there is a reality, that reality is really real whatever we may say or think about it.

Some pretty extreme things have happened, such as communism (which is indeed still happening) yet reality is still denied.

What, then would it take - is anything big enough?

The answer is no, nothing is big enough that the mass media could not absorb it and normal unreality be resumed within an obscenely short period of days.

Reality cannot be restored at a population level unless and until the mass media has collapsed.

In the meantime, we must work with individuals, with souls.

At a personal level, for some people, sometimes something happens (it need not be nasty, but often is) such that reality becomes undeniable; and that individual may make a decision to acknowledge reality.


Reality is not a revelation - it is a grasp of the human condition as something given (not made by humans or human minds, not a framing device). 

The condition of reality is what it is but our response to it is a matter of will and choice.

And recognition of reality involves recognizing that our will and choice are not our own, but are caused and corrupted (unless assisted from outwith themselves).

So that reality and our recognition that there is reality are both givens.