Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What are the forces for cohesion in England in the face of chaos or coup?


Darned if I know...

When things start to collapse - either due to a rising tide of disorder or a focused attempt at takeover of the state or a part of England - what forces for cohesion exist?

(The only thing preventing chaos or coup is that nobody seems to have recognized how easy it would be. Let's hope they don't read this...)

All the old traditional English virtues (such as those celebrated by Orwell) are by now thoroughly dismantled.


(The class system is wholly destroyed and has not been replaced - the main activity of the English upper class is organizing and disseminating propaganda against themselves.)


Instead there is placid laziness alternating with gross sensation-seeking, reinforced by the rainy climate (which make rioting risky - who wants to riot in the rain? Yet also encouraging intoxication) - but all that domestication will act against the English if society becomes disordered and resistance is required.

It really is hard to exaggerate the weakness of England; at the public level a morass of careerism, hedonism, self-advertisement, self-hatred. All resilient virtues secretly operative only between atomic individuals and hidden within families.


So where might English cohesion arise?

Tribalism? What tribes? - No

Families? Which families? - No

So nationalism? No chance.

Trades unions? Not now - they are concerned only with PC and short-termist grabs.

The military? Physically capable - but psychologically neutered. No.

Religion? No - except for one.

The problem is that each and every English institution (the Church, Law, Medicine, Education and so on) has long-since been filleted and assimilated to self-hating political correctness.


Quite honestly I am at a loss. When the tide of chaos rises and/or when some determined and cohesive group decides to take-over by force (and I can think of one, but only one) - who will stop them?
More to the point who would even try to stop them? Who would draw a line? Who would meet force with (overwhelming) force?

(Such is the level of endemic dishonesty in public disourse, the actuality and significance of chaos and coup would simply be denied.)

Clearly the country would multiply fragment - but into what? What foci of order?

Beats me.


Suggestions on the back of a postage stamp, please...


NOTE ADDED: I neglected to state the obvious default level of cohesion: organized crime. This has been and remains very powerful in Northern Ireland. But a non-ideological type would, if nothing intervened, be the default cohesion in England, too - presumably.